A Positive Change in Digital Transformation!

Transforming POSITIVE Change in real Life through performance.

Ever since Mary was in 8th grade and entered in a public speaking competition, she entered in the most difficult category where she had to memorize a 25 minute speech. While some people may run the other direction, Mary grew a passion for performance and changing mindset. Not only did Mary make the speech entertaining about the importance of conservation of orca whales memorable with many unknown facts people may not be aware such she brought the point home about the importance of compassion to understanding all creatures great and small using carefully crafted research.

Mary went on to be president of the Toast Masters at Seattle University and grew the club from 5 people to 105 members and went on to start her own mini-version of TED talks that would fill a 200 seat auditorium.

As a professional in the space of digital marketing and supporting large organization transformation, changing mindset plays hand-in-hand with inspirational, motivation and educational content that creates action to change and get everyone aligned with being agents of positive change.

As a closing act of getting a professional audience to dance Bollywood and bringing a dull subject into motivational performance that got everyone innovating and higher productivity. Mary transforms normally ‘dry’ content by bringing life to the story using data driven messages that drive change and call to action. Let her enthusiasm win the hearts of your audience to make a real positive change today.

Myth Busting in San Francisco, CA

Digital Pharma West 2018

The Digital Pharma West conference profiles best-in-class case studies and senior-level discussions that will allow organizations to leverage solutions, best practice in use of technologies, and tactics.

Ready to discuss innovation!

Adobe Summit 2020

This year the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas was cancelled due to Covid-19 and the presentation was prepared to discuss Scaled Agile in a Large Enterprise with Adobe Campaign and the results after a two year transformation.

PERSPECTIVES: Enhancing the Customer Experience with Emerging Tech

7th Annual CX Summit

The Pharma CX Summit focuses on three main customer segments – patients, payers, and providers – and examines how pharma can use technology, data, and design to drive customer engagement and outcomes in a real and measurable way. Attendees benefit from an intimate virtual conference environment that fosters peer-to-peer interaction, collaboration, and networking. Conference speakers include pharmaceutical organizations and brands, tech companies, patient groups, CX business experts, leading solution providers, and outside-industry CX leaders.

Join us virtually on September 17th and discover how pharma can design and execute a more seamless customer experience for patients, payers, and providers


I am lucky to work with Mary on a project that requires a great deal of collaboration with partners matched with the need to understand data integration from multiple sources. Mary has a strong ability to identify the business value that the project provides the customer and to keep the focus pointing in that direction for positive outcomes!

Adam Derengowski, VP of Sales

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