Enterprise Strategy


Decisions and actions aimed at gaining a sustainable competitive advantage through maximizing value from a company’s technology investments in order to unleash innovation – for the company, its employees and its customers.

Case Studies

Privacy is the Cost of Doing Business: Global Consent Repository Project

With the regulation of the GDPR and its $20 Million penalty for incorrectly capturing consent across enterprise customer facing systems, developing systems that can capture consent across multiple channels and communicate to each supplier the opt outs, unsubscribes and consent is a necessity.

Situation: A globalized system to capture consent became a business necessity and to be able to create a clear picture of consent across all the enterprise communication channels. By laying the foundation of understanding from the GDPR with the goal of complying with the new legislation and avoiding penalties. This project required the alignment of the internal marketing capabilities and enterprise level capabilities that capture opt in / out and consent to build a global consent repository with a phased approach to add in future capabilities.

Targets: Led the efforts in the RFP process to select a vendor to manage the Consent Repository build. Most vendors had not faced this challenge and needed to be directed in a custom build and understanding the policies behind the project. Reached out to key stakeholders and led meetings to drive requirements, and met with EU Sr. Legal Counsel on numerous occasions with different groups to make sure our teams were aligned in building the requirements from a program and legal perspective. Incorporated requirements from Marketing, Analytics, Customer Master, Medical Information, Transparency, and Congresses and Events Teams.

Action: Developed a business case for the EU Consent Repository to justify the spend for an innovate program within commercial and to align with the initial priorities of email unsubscribe and consent capture and then eventually enterprise. By building this repository now, we will be building for the future of consent management and paving the way for an enterprise standard.

Results: Saved over $100,000 in vendor selection costs through the RFP, built to avoid the future penalty of $20 Million or 4% of total revenue from the new GDPR legislation.


Global Enterprise Strategy: From Global to Individual Country, iPad Digital Detail Aid Deployment


A large global pharma company brand wanted to roll out a deployment of a digital detail aid in 20 countries within the European Union. This was a pioneering step for this company because before there were not any specific European guidelines for one template. Now with the implementation of the digital solution, the message and template would communicate the same message across all countries.

Situation: Create a cost effective solution across multiple countries with a master template to convey the right message in each country.

Targets: Physicians in 20 countries

Action: Adapting to the marketing strategy with the advertising and marketing departments of the pharma company. At a global level, the key messages and images are selected, then at a European level the general content and flow are established, and finally the individual countries can customize the content to the regulatory constraints and local information.

Results: With 60 assets (screens) for 20 countries in 12 languages in less than 8 months, the final project was delivered. The training program was held for 50 people across all of Europe was held in 2 days. On average each country saved 40,000 euros by deploying a template at a global level versus going brand by brand per country.


Business Development Strategy:
Driving performance BY establishing new verticals

Sales are critical to the growth of any organization. To find potential leads that are highly qualified and likely to produce a sale is both an art and a science. The methodology of finding synergies between companies and clients comes from a depth understanding of the value an organization brings to potential clients. With the goal to establish and create verticals to grow the company and be able to paint the picture of value to key stake holders from the initial short prospecting email with a call to action to the first series of meetings to continue to keep the dialogue continuous and highly targeted until the end of the sale process. Also by staying on top of the latest trends in the industry we can then apply the data to each prospect to present a solution to solve their problems in a well thought out and educated manner.

Situation: To grow the pipeline through the development of new verticals, find and generate qualified leads, lead business development discussions.

Action: Acting as primary account strategist for the team, producing highly targeted market research and creating a dashboard of criteria for vetting potential prospects. Composed highly targeted emails and tested messages that created an initial synergy and meeting with prospect.

Targets: Over the Counter products, consumer goods, wearable devices, and health / wellness products

Results: Acting as primary account strategist for the pharma, OTC and medical device sales team, producing highly targeted market research. In 2014 generated over 52 meetings with new prospects from small to big pharmaceutical accounts, OTC, and medical devices and directly helped close a record amount in sales in 2014 plus another record amount projected pipeline from leads generated is 2015. Working with the most difficult accounts and successfully brokered meetings and deals with the accounts.