HCP Marketing


With the changes of the healthcare landscape, Physical access is becoming difficult to communicate to hcps, understanding the target audience is critical and getting the right message at the right time takes the utmost importance.


Digital is a growing trend in healthcare and according to HealthLink, 66% of HCP prefer educational materials. Accenture mentions that 42% of patients are referred to pharma websites by their physician. According to eMarketec 100% of physicians use a computer, 86% use a smart phone, 53% use a tablet. 

Furthermore, digital media offers are wider range of innovative options for advertisers making it an easier and more active technique of targeting the right message to the right audience at the right time. Also digital media is usually more easily measured, making the expenditure more justifiable compared to print and other media.

With fewer sales reps in the pharma sales force, this means a greater necessity for non-personal promotion (NPP) to get a message in front of a target audience. While digital forms of media cannot take the place of the sales force, brand managers are looking to fill the gap in their promotions with NNP digital tactics that can also measure sales activity.

Example Brand X irep mock up


HCP Digital Sales Aids: experience with the development of a digital sales aid on a Veeva iRep platform with analytics.  This solution provides sales force effectiveness and the ability to analyze the message or known as a closed loop marketing (CLM). CLM redefines the interaction between physicians and sales representatives. These tools provide sales representatives access to precise, up-to-date records about a physician before each visit, allowing them to adapt product data to align with each physician’s patient profile and interests.

Remote e-detailing: worked with a call center platform to run virtual meetings and record analytics on the meeting such as length on the screen. This solution provides sales directors a way to connect with physicians in a more effective manner or help with their white space, and market access managers seeking a method to enhance the impact of their communication strategies.

Product Launch: working with the AORs to develop the storyboard for creative and copy for brand campaigns and align with digital strategy.

HCP Marketing Campaign: Creating digital assets, websites, banner ads, brochures, white papers, videos, apps, and DVDs.

Digital Screens for Convention Booths: developing the flow of content and placing of big screens.

Consumer Marketing Campaign: websites, SEO, paid search, paid ads, coupon codes, email marketing and web applications. Also unbranded campaigns: websites, emails, banner ads and digital assets.